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Smale Farm Equipment’s Draper Pick-up is a proven performer which offers high capacity and simple operation and the versatility to be converted to work with different headers. The pick-up has a single row of belts which work together with the Smale designed Top-Feed Belt (or Roller) to provide a consistent and positive feed of material in a wide variety of conditions.


  • Two Models
    • Belt Width 12ft (3.650m)
    • Belt Width 16ft (4.880m)
  • Unique Top-Feed Belt or Roller
  • Rubber Sleeved Belt Rollers
  • Simple Operation, Rugged Build
  • Interchangeable Throat Adapters – Convertible to Fit All Headers


Smale Farm Equipment have been the originators of developing draper pickups with a top down feeding force. The top down force is in addition to the standard bottom pickup belt, and provides improved feeding by delivering a constant and even flow of material.

Top-Feed Roller

Canola Front Top-Feed Roller image

The top-feed roller has been standard issue since the introduction of the first Smale canola front in 1994. The three bladed roller sits in front of the table auger and above the pickup belts and rotates to provide a push down force to aid feeding into the table auger, smooth out lumps and promote even feeding.

Top-Feed Belt

Canola Front Top-Feed Belt image

The top-feed belt is a new release from 2015. The belt takes the principles of the top-feed roller and improves upon them as the top belt reaches out further and lower than the roller, and contacts the crop at the earliest possible point, thereby limiting the upward thrust of the windrow. The material is then gently but firmly compressed between the two belts and is presented in an optimum condition for delivering to the feeder house of the header. Field usage has reported excellent results with improved throughput and feeding. The top belt handles large bulky windrows and reduces them to a consistent, even feed of material. A common complaint from late model header operators is that the header is under utilised as they cannot get the material in quick enough. The top-belt will remove the front as a limitation and allow the header to operate at its optimal capacity.


The Front has an interchangeable Throat Adapter Frame which means it can be fitted to most headers available. At any time the Adapter Frame can be unbolted and replaced with a new Frame to suit the appropriate header. The PTO drive shaft may also have to replaced depending on the width and type of connection on the new header.


The front is commonly termed a canola front as this is its most frequent application however it is correctly a draper windrow pick-up and is suitable for use with any windrowed crop. The front has been used successfully in windrowed cereal and legume crops, ryegrass, clover and other crops.


Canola Front promo image

The Smale Conola Front

The Smale Canola Front has been a leader in the development of a canola front for Australian conditions. Since inception it has included features such as a top-down feeding force, interchangeable throat adapters, rubber coated rollers and direct coupled hydraulic drives.

Canola Front Top-Feed Roller image

Top Feed Roller

Smale Farm Equipment has pioneered the concept of a top down force to assist the feeding of canola. The accelerator-feed roller has been standard issue since initial development of our front in 1994. The rotating blades of the roller provide a positive force to assist consistent and even feeding.

Canola Front Top-Feed Belt image

Top Feed Belt

The Top-Feed Belt is a new development that builds on the principles of the Top-Feed Roller. It expands the operative area to a distance of 1.5 metres, which creates a moving ceiling above the incoming crop. The belt reaches further and lower than the roller, so that the crop is contacted at the earliest possible point. This firstly resists the rising windrow from being distorted and secondly helps to compress and drive the windrow underneath the table auger. The result is a very consistent feed of material that delivers a smoothness to the process which can be felt through the whole header.

Top-Feed Roller/Belt - Hydraulic Lift

Top-Feed Roller/Belt – Hydraulic Lift

A recent development is the addition of hydraulic lift for the up/down positioning. This is controlled from the header cabin and allows for on the go up and down adjustment.

Top-Feed Roller/Belt - Variable Speed Control Image

Top-Feed Roller/Belt – Variable Speed Control

The Top-Feed speed is linked to the bottom belt speed but the ratio between the two can be adjusted via the variable rate valve.

Interchangeable Throat Adapter Plate

Interchangeable Throat Adapter Plate

The throat adapter plate (feeder house hookup) is bolted into the rear of the canola front body and can be readily removed and replaced with an alternative . This allows the front to be fitted to different models and different brand headers and has been a feature since inception.

Rubber Coated Rollers

Rubber Coated Rollers

Both the drive roller and front roller are hot lagged with a 6mm coating of rubber. This provides for superior traction for driving and allows for effective driving without excessive tension on the belts.

Direct Hydraulic Drives image

Direct Hydraulic Drives

Both the bottom belt and top belt rear rollers are driven by hydraulic motors direct coupled to the roller shafts. This provides simple, positive drive with no chains or sprockets to maintain.

Self-Tensioning Belt – 12ft Model image

Self-Tensioning Belt – (12ft Model Only)

The front roller is held under spring tension on both sides which provides a constant tension on the front roller for positive drive of the belts and also allows an amount of give if the roller strikes any foreign objects.

Table Auger – Retractable Finger Style image

Table Auger – Retractable Finger Style

The 16” barrel is available with the traditional retractable fingers making a 26” working barrel.

Table Auger - Serrated Edge Spiral Style image

Table Auger – Serrated Edge Spiral Style

The table auger is also available with a serrated edge spiral in front of the feeder house, this provides a 26” working width without any retractable fingers. This option was developed at the request of customers who wanted a simpler mechanism and lower maintenance option. There are no retractable fingers to break and there is no requirement to clean out the barrel as it is completely sealed. It provides an effective, lower risk, lower maintenance, lower cost method.

Reversing Table Auger Drive image

Reversing Table Auger Drive

The table auger chain drive has two pivoting chain tensioners which oscillate according to the direction of travel. When the table auger drive is running in reverse the opposite tensioner is engaged so that a positive tension is maintained on the chain. This system provides positive tension on the chain for both directions of travel.












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“The smoothness of feed was incredible. I have not experienced anything like it and the whole header performed better”
S.M. , Victoria

“I dubbed it the “full stick” model as our header went from half pace to full stick once the top-belt was fitted.”
D.S. , Victoria

“It made my header a ‘real header’. I still can’t get over how much the header improved because of the smooth, even feed”
L.R. , Victoria

“Nice…first time we have been able to fully load the header”
Mulwala, NSW

“We were in a light crop but we increased our speed from 8kmh with our old front, to 14kmh with the top-belt”
Warracknabeal, Victoria


Model 12 Model 16
Belt Width 3600mm (approx 12ft) 4800mm (approx 16ft)
Machine Width (outside wheels) 4200mm (approx 14ft) 5400mm (approx 18ft)
Belt Configuration 3 Belts: 900mm 1800mm (Centre) 900mm 4 Belts: 1189mm 1189mm 1189mm 1189mm
Belt Rollers One Piece Two Piece with Centre Bearing Join