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The Smale Farm Equipment single axle chaser bin is a new model that features a different approach than normal.

The main frame is an exo-skeleton, that is, it is entirely external to the bin.
There is no framework or structure inside the bin.
Also there is no cross-auger at the bottom of the bin.
The bin is a square top, which slopes evenly to a centre outlet at the bottom for the unloading auger inlet.
The unloading auger is positioned externally to the bin, with no impact on the inside of the bin.
|These elements combine to make the unit the “Clean Machine”, virtually eliminating the need for any clean out.
The bin is available in a base model of 20,000 litres which is suitable for older headers with limited unloading-auger height.
For later model headers there is an optional bolt-on module which increases the height of the side wall and the capacity to 25,000 litres.
This module can be added to the base model at any stage.
The bin is also designed to add a centre divider and thus convert it to a two-bin grouper.



  • Exo-skeleton frame
  • No internal frame
  • No cross auger
  • No clean-out!