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The Multi-Vator 4-6 is a premium machine designed to meet today’s innovative and evolving tillage and seeding requirements. Notwithstanding today’s needs a principal feature is to be flexible and adaptable for future applications.


The strength and design of the machine make it ideal for Minimum Tillage and Direct Drill applications.

The Multi-Vator derives its name from its founding design principle of being a Multi Purpose Tillage and Seeding Cultivator.

It can be used for:

  • Primary Tillage
  • Secondary Tillage
  • Traditional Seeding
  • Direct Drill
  • No Till/Minimum Till

Seeding Accuracy

Flotation  +  Penetration  + Ground Following
= Accuracy
= Multi-Vator 4-6

The Multi-Vator 4-6 recognises today’s emphasis on seeding accuracy as being the fundamental objective.
This objective is embodied throughout the whole design of the Multi-Vator 4-6, including:

  • Heavy Duty frame
  • Large wheels placed fore and aft
  • Fully floating pull

In particular the Multi-Vator 4-6 provides superior flotation in wet conditions.


Maximum trash and soil flow through is achieved via:

Six Rank Tine Pattern

Six ranks  =  Maximum trash flow  =  Multi-Vator 4-6

A true frontrunner in the use of six ranks since 1993.
The use of 6 ranks allows for a true six rank pattern (not a 4 rank pattern spread over 5 or 5 1/2 ranks) which provides maximum clearance between tines.


Customisation is our standard approach.
Get the machine you want for your circumstances.

Compared to large multi-national manufacturers Smale Farm Equipment is a very small manufacturer. We prefer to say specialist manufacturer and consider our size an advantage in meeting our customers needs. Due to our factory location and compact size we can readily customise our machine to meet your exact specifications. Straightforward customisation such as specific row spacing, machine widths or wheel spacing for controlled traffic can be done at minimal extra cost. Other customisation for your specific requirements can be done at very competitive pricing.

You can talk to and work directly with our engineers.

Australian Designed and Built

Originally designed from feedback from local farmers and now updated from input from owners Australia wide, the Multi-Vator 4-6 is truly a machine built for Australian conditions

Convertibility / Flexibility

Your investment in a Multi-Vator 4-6 provides maximum return through its multi purpose application and ability to be adapted for future use.